"The Course of True Love never did run smooth." - William Shakespeare

Written to be read from the beginning for full effect (Thurs, Nov 4, 2010) :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Grace God Gave Her to Fall back on when All was lost
The Grace God Gave her to catch her when she fell


I do not say it often, though I know that you can feel it; But today, somehow, I feel as though my heart is overflowing and I cannot Keep from you its sentiments without feeling as though I deserve them Already less than I have Always known I have.

I love you deeply, dearly, passionately, and particularly Ari, and the snowflake-like while yet igniting, fiery, distillment your Spirit and your Heart has had upon my own has been Unparalleled by Any other.

I feel as though in reaching out so tenderly to place your hand upon my chest, you have somehow penetrated through the skin and blood and bone and shaped my heart within the tender touch and hold of your hand.

You are So faithful and So strong, Ari, and God has blessed me so distinctly and so personally just by bringing you into my life.

I think often of the Power that there is within your kiss, and of the Honour and the Respect and the Compassion that has been Present within my lips every time they have even so much as come in contact with your skin.

And Ar, I just want to thank you; It has never been the same with Anyone since.


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