"The Course of True Love never did run smooth." - William Shakespeare

Written to be read from the beginning for full effect (Thurs, Nov 4, 2010) :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have come to find, Diary, that the Deepest Truths are often found within the Simplest of Expressions; No extravagance is needed when you communicate the Truth, because it somehow has an ability all in Itself to prick the soul and shake one to the very core.

That is how it is for me with Don, Diary. I love him so Completely. And the evidence of that Love we share is found within the Impact and the Resonance of even the simplest of things within our souls. The touch of his hand, the sensitivity of even just the simplest, yet sweetest pucker of his lips, the sound of his voice- as though a song is being sung within the natural tones and fluctuation of pitch of his voice that is Only his to sing; the Knowing, Loving gaze and admiration of his eyes...

I have said it before, Diary, but Somehow in writing to you like this I cannot keep from saying it again. There is a thickness and a density of matter that surrounds you when Love is there, and I believe when it is Truth which underlies that Love, such a thickness and density not only surrounds you, but becomes a part of You as well.

-I feel as though my soul is something as solid and anchored as the string of an archer's bow, and yet as delicate and able to resonate the music of the Love we share throughout me as an open violin string, but with the depth and impact of the sound of the cello. He simply says to me that He Loves Me, nothing more, and it is as though I have been Shaken so much at the core with a Truth so Basic and so Pure that it Exists Completely on its own and is Independent of Anything else that either one of us could Ever say or do to attempt to dispell it.

And so it is, Diary, that we are left either with Acknowledging, Accepting and Embracing it for what it is, or else Denying, Defying, and Fighting Against the Reality of it Altogether. The Truth of it is Always There, Diary; Underlying Everything we do; and Once Discovered for What it is, it is as though it can never be undiscovered again.

There is so much pain, Diary, in Resisting it. And so much Love in Embracing it. And Ever Since the Moment I first discovered that Our Love for one another was in accordance with Truth, Diary, I have either been flowing so Perfectly within the Current of the Acceptance of His Love, or else I have been Doing All I can to attempt to Rage Against the Rapids of Accepting it as True.

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